There’s no Question.

I woke a little earlier than usual this morning, so I had time to do more than look at my writing prompt for today; I had time to think about it. There is a quote that begins each prompt, then the prompt itself. Today both gave me pause to think. When reading the following quote it dawned on me JFK was wrong.

“The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is unchangeable or certain.” John F. Kennedy

My correction “The one unchangeable certainty is GOD!”


The Writing Prompt: What would I change if I were the major of my town or leader of my country?

The hardest thing about this prompt is there is not sufficient room in a blog post to answer it completely. But a short list would begin with putting a national ban on “Political Correctness”, there is no one confused way of thinking that this nation has embraced that has done more damage. I would insist that the Supreme Court no longer make law with their decisions and stick to properly interpreting the constitution instead of putting their Politically Correct spin on it. The final item on my short list would be to put a ban on the redefinition of words, tolerance as one example.


There’s my rant for today! God Bless You All.


I Could Have Said It Better!

First thought of the day is to share a fundraising flyer I saw yesterday at lunch. I’ve cropped out the location and contact information just to be  kind. However, I am somehow sure I would have wanted to word this a little different.

This puts a whole new meaning to the term “Hot Dog” for me. For good taste’s sake I think I would have found a different way to get my point across?

Second thought of the day is a nostalgic one. I just noticed the hardware on the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen of the house we are staying in this week. They are almost exactly the same as in the little house I grew up in. Its funny how things like that can spark a flood of memories that might have remained buried if not for the reminder. Thank GOD for the little things that become big.

And once again, other thoughts and words have taken away from the time for the writing prompts in my new book. Perhaps in a short amount of time they will be entirely ignored for the things that just pop into my mind or are triggered by the events of the previous day. Well, anyway Today’s Prompts are: (quick answers again today)

What I accept wholeheartedly about myself. “I am not perfect and probably never will be until I’m in a better place. But I am, in the words of JW “Going On to Perfection”.


What I love about myself. “I love the fact that I am observant of the world around me. Watching people is one of my fondest pastimes, People not only say the funniest things but the do the strangest things, especially when the don’t think anyone is watching. So, being a student of my surroundings is one thing that I love about myself. Otherwise I might not have noticed the fundraising flyer!

Have a Great Day and GOD bless!!!



June 17th, 2016 5:52 am

Started reading Journal 365 + writing prompts, ideas and quotes to cultivate joy and well-being  by Judy Shafarman  today. I’ve started journaling many time before and have always found it a delightful use of my time, very therapeutic and helpful in clearing and clarifying my thinking. Reading the Journals of one of my heroes in the faith, John Wesley, has always been an encouragement to journal. However, it usually takes a very short time for the other concerns of life to crowd out the time set aside for the practice. So, here we go again, let’s see how long this lasts.

Judy’s prompt for today included a quote from one of my favorite people Albert Einstein. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” He was brilliant in so many ways!

The writing task or today was to complete the thought: Today I appreciate…

After spending way to much time thinking instead of writing I finally focused in on the word TODAY and realized I didn’t have to write about everything I was thankful for in my entire life, the whole world or all of time; I can just center in on one thing I am very Thankful for TODAY!!!

That’s easy Today I am grateful for being with the family members I get to share the day with and the time I have away from my day to day work of managing the Print Shop for MDI (I’m on vacation this week!!!) and being able to spend some much needed time thinking and making plans for the Apologetics ministry that is still, unfortunately, in the gestation stage.

So, thanks GOD for family, time and guidance.

Just realized that I am restarting my practice of Journaling on the fifth day of my vacation, let’s see how long the practice lasts?

GOD bless and have a Great Day!!!

Where’s A Video Camera When You Need One


Laura and I were living in a two bedroom apartment at Pfeiffer College in Misenhiemer NC. Laura was expecting our first child and morning sickness Sick smile did not confine itself to the mornings. It was a typical evening after classes and I was seated in a large rustic wooden rocking chair with a lapboard across the chair arms; books and papers spread across the board, immersed in the days homework.

Laura was laying on the couch watching TV with her newest best friend a mop bucket by her side. I noticed she began to get up, it was not the familiar quick reach to the mop bucket, but a more at ease move toward a sitting position: then up to her feet. Suddenly the movement changed to a run toward the hallway that lead both to the bathroom and our bedroom. Moments after she disappeared down the hallway I heard a loud and unexpected crashing noise.

Fearing she had fallen and perhaps injured herself I sprang into action. The lapboard, books papers, pens, pencils and every thing else went flying across the living room. I ran to the hallway and proceeded down the length of it at top speed. The hallway was empty, except for the unseen puddle of what had been a well enjoyed meal of Grape Juice and Oatmeal occupying the floor just in front of the bathroom door. The noise I had heard was Laura bracing her self against the bathroom door as she stopped to part company with the Grape Juice and Oatmeal. Laura then had proceeded on into the bathroom.

Meanwhile the interaction between my feet and the hitherto mentioned puddle caused an interesting and unexpected loss of traction. My feet flew straight out in front on me as the rest of my body took its new position on the floor. Of course this was not a motionless position I now assumed but a motion that maintained the full forward momentum of the run my feet had initiated. My journey then preceded on down the hallway coming to an abrupt termination in our bedroom. I now found myself up to my waist under our bed, quite well wedged in to place.

After extracting myself from this new position under the bed, I headed back up the hallway to check on Laura’s condition. I found myself dripping with a strange substance chunky in texture and somewhat purple in appearance. I found Laura setting on the edge of the bathtub, laughing uncontrollably. Since she seemed to be OK, I undertook the task of puddle removal. It is true you never have a Video Camera when you need one!

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